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3-D Mosaic Wind Chime: Friday, April 12 10:30

Stained Glass Crafters Workbench

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Come learn how to mosaic on a 3-D surface while creating a beautiful wind chime. Bring your ideas to class and come ready to learn something new and have some fun.  You will start the process in this class and complete the mosaic process at home.  This technique will be grout-less.  When you return to class we will show you how to embellish and hand your chimes.

Prerequisite:  Preferably previous experience with mosaic on a flat surface

Class Schedule:  Friday, April 12 10:30 

Supplies:  Students need nippers, adhesive, glass and beads for embellishing your chimes, and 30Lb leader line with crimps.

The Studio will provide instruction and ideas, the glass base, and chime pieces made from wine bottle circles we have previously fired.

 This is a two-session class.  The first session we will select the design and begin to apply the mosaic glass to the glass base.

Second session is hanging the pre-flattened bottle rings.