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Intermediate Flat Foil Method, Saturday, June 8, 9-2 and June 15, 9-2

Stained Glass Crafters Workbench

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This class is the next step to improving your skills learned in the Beginner Tiffany Foil Method.  In this class, you will learn:

  • Working in the round, open backgrounds, or pieces that extend outside the edge.
  • Basic pattern modification if needed
  • Additional cutting methods-to include saw cuts
  • Incorporating bevels into a piece
  • Foiling and working with thick, rippled or heavy textured glass
  • Additional soldering techniques to include limited reinforcement techniques as needed
  • Wiring around edges and came bending
  • Use of foil overlays and filigrees

We recommend that you work on a piece that is larger than you have done before and that presents some of the challenges listed above that you have not yet experienced.

Prerequisite: Tiffany Foil Method

Class Schedule:  Saturday, June 8, 9-2 and June 15, 9-2