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Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Stained Glass Crafters Workbench

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This is the best way to enjoy a bottle of wine twice!  With this wind chime you will learn the tricks of cutting a bottle into rings and breaking them apart. Bring two empty bottles, cleaned of any glue or labels, to class and we will show you how to cut and break the rings apart.  The rings will be left with us to flatten in the kiln.  

We will talk about how we will hang the rings and what will best be suited to hang the rings from.  When you return for the second class you will complete a beautiful unique wind chime. When you hear the sparkling sound, it will remind you of the fun you had creating this chime.

For the second class, students will bring a devise to hang the rings on, 30Lb leader Line, crimps, and beads for embellishments.

Prerequisite: No experience necessary.

Class Schedule:  Saturday, May 11, 12:30